12 Years Later


9/11 is still a painful moment, one that invokes considerable passions.   A Facebook contact of mine posted “If you believe 9/11 was some kind of hoax or conspiracy, please unfriend me.”  Muslims and Bikers marched on DC today, but the media largely decided not to report it.  It appears that not a day goes by without some form of blatant manipulation by the media.  

Most years, 9/11 is a time for “where were you” stories – personal accounts from that day.  But this year, the personal accounts have been shouted down by the Syrian coverage because President Peace Prize keeps banging his war drum.  Even as Obama pays lip service to Russian peace proposals concerning the turning over of chemical weapons, he arms Syrian rebels, which have been reported to be committing truly deplorable war crimes.  In fact, it really isn’t clear who carried out the gas attack in Syria, or where the Sarin came from.  Distrust is high.  Americans are weary of war and weary of lies.

12 years later it is obvious to me that we still don’t have full disclosure on the events of 9/11. Meanwhile, the President is playing brinkmanship in Syria, on the verge of WWIII, and America does not have full disclosure on Benghazi, or its connection to the administration’s effort to arm Syrian “rebels” (aka Al-Qaeda and others).  Something is VERY rotten.  We must remain vigilant and unwavering in our scrutiny of our government’s activities and pronouncements.  Prudence demands this.  This is the ongoing lesson of 9/11.

– Blazer


A Patriot’s Optimism

A Patriot’s Optimism


We live in a time when a Peace Prize recipient aggressively lobbies for a war against a foe who has not attacked us.  We are being asked to authorize an attack to kill Syrians for the crime of killing Syrians, to teach them a lesson about the manner in which they kill Syrians.  We live in a time, when a billion dollar media machine is working overtime to manufacture consent for Obama’s war designs.  The distrust which the majority of Americans now feel  for Obama’s bellicose desires, is born in part of war weariness.   Another facet of America’s distrust for Obama’s hunger for war, stems from the apparent hypocrisy, or flip-flopping, that one observes between President Obama, and Candidate Obama.  You’ll recall that the latter ran on an anti-war platform.  The distrust is also fueled by the avalanche of whistle-blowers who have disclosed the many abuses perpetrated by this administration.    Resentment at the corruption is growing.  Anger about Obama’s foreign and domestic policies is bubbling and threatens to boil over.   And yet Obama presses forward for war.  Why?  Why now?  Why does he willfully antagonize the American People and the world community? 

These are extraordinary times – Terrible in the potential outcomes.  But we are not predetermined to march towards doom.  We can positively affect the outcomes.  In fact, I’ve come to realize the futility of despair and the supremacy of optimism.  In my opinion, a true Patriot always finds a way to keep the spark of Exceptionalism, burning in his heart.  The Patriot I’m describing cultivates the fire within himself and in his community.  This may be in his home, or in his congregation, or at the workplace.  The opportunity to kindle and nurture the Patriot’s fire may manifest itself anywhere you find yourself.   Where ever these opportunities lie, seek them.  We’ve identified a problem.  Be part of the solution.  Embrace optimism.  Negate the negative influences in your life, by identifying them, and cutting them out.  Don’t make your decisions based on fear – plan, work smart, and live your life with optimism.  That is our heritage.  That should be our legacy. 

–  Blazer

Hello World



My name is Blazer, and I am a member of the California Free Militia which is a Constitutional Citizen’s Militia.  This is the context in which I now undertake this journey into Patriotic blogging.  Herein, I plan to examine, explore, and discuss any and all issues pertaining to the Patriot Movement in these United States.

Blazer’s Corner is both a Labor of Love and a Work In Progress. All comments, criticisms, questions, and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

God Bless America.  Long Live The Republic.